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Aurum is an independent advisory expert in three areas of service: We advise local and international family offices, conduct board of director mandates, and provide expert supervisory services for financial transactions.

Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann’s distinguished family office advisory supports clients with granular, first-hand insights gleaned from 36 years of conducting entrepreneurial family mandates. The accumulated financial and familial experience is the wealth of knowledge drawn upon to provide best-in-class services to Aurum clients, often families in transition.

Our talents are further enhanced with the exclusive network of Aurum specialists who are expert in financial, tax and legal fields. This is a dynamic business model structured to ensure that Aurum solutions are responsibly tailored for individualization and, most-importantly, for longevity.


Family Office

We provide established or emerging family offices, companies and individuals with expertise in family office structures, organization, implementation, family and corporate governance, succession and estate planning, finance expertise and general management. Our entrepreneurial and transparent approach results in nimble, prompt, accurate and sustainable solutions.

Board Member Mandates

Our board of director mandate services pursue value creation through active shareholding. A clear shareholder agenda significantly increases shareholder influence and control, and results in superior shareholder value.


We ensure informed and independent management support for liquidity events, capital market transactions and mergers and acquisitions deals.

Family Office

For established or emerging family offices, companies or individuals, Aurum advises on a comprehensive range of critical considerations. We specialize in family office definition, strategy and implementation, family governance and succession planning, and asset and direct investment management. Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann personally conduct all client interactions and projects, and engage the appropriate specialists from the Aurum network of experts as needed.


    Family governance & succession

  • Success, sustainable throughout the generations, results only from clear governance and long-term planning. This involves:
  • Finding agreement on family values and needs alignment
  • Establishing family councils
  • Defining family constitutions
  • Implementing succession planning
  • Conducting estate planning
  • Navigating complex family challenges
  • Leading negotiations and representation
  • Family office definition, strategy and implementation

  • Each family has unique requirements. We know how to design the right family office setup for your family’s needs. This involves:
  • Defining criteria and designing family office structure
  • Determining best family and corporate governance standards
  • Implementing family office structure
  • Managing board composition and recruitment
  • Recruiting key personnel
  • Planning structural transitions
  • Structuring taxation
  • Developing treasury and risk management solutions
  • Managing insurance concepts including K&R, D&O
  • Implementing full-palette management services
  • Asset management advisory

  • Our extensive experience in asset management secures the constructive and critical skills required to identify the optimal solution in terms of quality and cost. This involves:
  • Defining wealth management concepts
  • Assessing investment strategies
  • Developing investment strategy and policies
  • Designing asset management concepts and asset allocation
  • Supervising asset manager selection and beauty contests
  • Asset management auditing and optimization
  • Asset management performance and risk reporting
  • Identifying special products or asset classes
  • Hedging strategies for currency, interest and equity exposures
  • Direct investment management

  • The Aurum advisors are in the fortunate position of having been deeply engaged with entrepreneurial families, and having proved successful in managing their direct investments. The unique and specific skill sets Daniel and Andreas have mastered include:
  • Representing the family on boards
  • Developing and implementing shareholder agendas
  • Heading relevant projects in portfolio companies
  • Supporting M&A transactions in public and private equity sector
  • Structuring and executing liquidity events
  • Structuring and executing capital market transactions
  • Sourcing and evaluating equity and real estate investments
  • Providing yield enhancement strategies through equity derivatives


A new Swiss entrepreneurial single-family office setup

  • Aurum has successfully established a completely new single-family office. This involved:
  • Completing the setup of the single-family office
  • Following up with a board of director mandate for the family
  • Establishing family and corporate governance structures
  • Managing board composition and recruitment
  • Employing key personnel
  • Implementing administration management
  • Supervising estate planning

A Swiss foundation’s investment strategy and corporate governance

  • Aurum provided a clear corporate governance structure for this foundation, defining ownership and operational management levels aligned with best corporate governance practice.
  • Determining the corporate governance structure for a foundation-owned holding
  • Developing and implementing the investment strategy
  • Strategy execution as executive board member, then as trusted advisor

UK-based entrepreneurial family’s transition from multi to single-family office

  • Aurum analyzed the existing setup, recommended the shift to a single-family office, and managed the transition process. This involved:
  • Analyzing the multi-family office solution
  • Reorganizing the concept and defining target structure
  • Developing the corporate governance solution
  • Managing the transition from multi-family office service to single-family office
  • Supervising the asset allocation concept and implementation

Long-term family office management – a strong track record

  • The Aurum team has an enviable track record in successfully running a renowned Swiss-based family office. We successfully:
  • Provided heritage and succession planning
  • Implemented family governance
  • Defined investment strategy
  • Provided shareholder representation on boards
  • Defined and executed the shareholder agenda
  • Created tax planning and legal structures
  • Supervised operational management
  • Implemented treasury, insurance and risk management
  • Managed private and public companies’ direct investments
  • Conducted merger and acquisition deals
  • Oversaw capital market transactions

Board of Directors

Aurum believes in value creation bound active shareholding, and we take on board mandates using clear shareholder agendas to effectively increase shareholder influence and control. Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann’s managerial track records work to clients’ advantage. Using a precise shareholder agenda, their teams successfully managed investments as active shareholders in global firms. Through board functions, strategic project work, and by closely working with portfolio companies at the highest levels of corporate governance, shareholder agendas are actively and successfully executed.

Board Expertise

As experienced, independent board members with profound finance know-how and an international network of experts, Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann have each gathered significant board of director experience and garnered key insights in multiple areas, such as:

  • Representing shareholders and driving shareholder agendas
  • Shaping boards and board member selection
  • Auditing, nominating and compensating committee members
  • Conducting M&A and equity capital market transactions
  • Developing and implementing company structure improvements
  • Providing direct investment management skills

Daniel Pfister’s Board Experience

For almost twenty years, Daniel Pfister has served as board member for a wide range of companies active in various industries and locations around the world.

Current Board of Directors mandates

  • Larema AG, Zurich
  • Trihow AG, Rotkreuz

Chairman of the Board

  • Banco Aleman Platina SA, Panama City
  • Platina Finanz AG, Zurich

Member of Board of Directors

  • Augusta Investment AG, Chur
  • Infront Holding AG, Zug
  • Triventura AG, Zurich
  • Jacobs Venture AG, Zurich
  • Boards & More AG, Zurich
  • Brach’s Confections Holding Inc., Chicago

Audit Committee Chairman

  • Infront Holding AG, Zug

Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

  • Infront Holding AG, Zug

Andreas Zimmerman’s Board Experience

As a result of his valuable contributions, Andreas Zimmermann has been elected board member to several group companies.

Board of Directors Member

  • Newsells Park Estate Ltd., Royston (UK)
  • Newsells Park Stud Ltd., Royston (UK)
  • Colosseum HoldCoI AG, Zurich
  • Triventura AG, Zurich


Aurum’s experience-driven financial services palette guarantees informed and independent management support during liquidity events, accelerated bookbuild offerings, capital market transactions and M&A deals, tax structurings and rulings. We understand the complex nature of transactions and secure sophisticated project management skills for our clients.

Aurum’s key drivers for success? A deep knowledge of capital markets, the wise selection of strategic partners, careful structuring, planning and follow-through negotiations with excellent execution standards. Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann oversee every engagement personally, bringing with them the professional wisdom of each of Aurum’s trusted international specialists in investment, finance, legal and tax issues.


  • Over many years managing a renowned large family office, the Aurum team gained invaluable experience in a wide range of financial services. This is used to optimize value for Aurum clients, for instance in:
  • Structuring ideal deals for complex financial problems
  • Equity capital market transactions
  • Liquidity event management
  • M&A transactions
  • As sparring partners for financial transactions, company valuations and deal negotiations
  • Investment bank and advisor selection and coordination
  • Interim management
  • State-of-the-art compensation schemes
  • Cash-flow analysis

Noteworthy Achievements

  • To Aurum, each transaction resonates with significance for clients, and we appreciate the importance of maintaining the highest standards of execution for each and every one. For their unusual complexity, value and size we would like to showcase the following achievements:
  • Executing M&A transactions of over CHF 1 billion
  • Negotiating and implementing various bank debt, public debt and equity-linked instruments
  • Collateralized equity-linked bond of CHF 800 million (listed “Cello” bond)
  • Mandatory convertible bond of CHF 1 billion (listed “Mandolin” bond)
  • Single stock lending of CHF 1 billion
  • Unsecured bank debt financing on holding level of CHF 200 million
  • Issuing 4 sizeable equity monetization instruments totaling CHF 4 billion (block trade, accelerated book-building, competitive auction)
  • Managing CHF liquidity pool over CHF 1.5 billion, avoiding negative interest charges
  • Accomplishing multiple successful tax structurings and rulings
  • Building and divesting a 10% equity stake of a listed US company
  • Managing yield enhancement strategies on public equity stakes


Daniel Pfister and Andreas Zimmermann have successfully managed a renowned Swiss-based family office with significant multiple equity stakes including publicly traded companies. From their line functions – Group Treasurer, Group Risk & Insurance Manager, Investment Manager and Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer responsible for investment management – they have acquired both deep professional mastery and a strong international network of finance, legal and tax specialists.

Recent successes include:

  • Orchestrating the establishment of a new Swiss single-family office
  • Navigating a UK-based family through its transition from a multi-family office to a single-family office
  • Implementing an investment strategy and new corporate governance structure for a Swiss-based holding company

Daniel Pfister



Andreas Zimmermann



Daniel and Andreas' project management achievements include setting up family and corporate governance structures for single family offices, leading estate planning, optimizing asset management, managing medium-to-large merger and acquisition deals and overseeing capital market transactions. Experienced in tax structuring, compensation schemes and family office management, they have also been instrumental in building successful professional investment teams for family offices. Their management successes have resulted in multiple board mandates and functions.


Aurum’s exclusive professional network plays a crucial role in our singular business model. Our management of multiple merger and acquisition deals and capital market transactions with values up to CHF 2.5 billion introduced us to the industry’s truly outstanding and high-performing experts. These are now our teammates – our strategic partners. Aurum’s exacting individual performance standards ensure the highest level of professionalism in each area of specialization, and secure overall team performance. As your trusted advisors, Aurum clients enjoy best-in-class strategic partners in all relevant sectors of businesses.


Trust & Loyalty

This is the bedrock of Aurum-client relationships.


Everything we do, we do right – without compromise.


We know our business – inside out.


Clear, pragmatic solutions govern complexity to ensure efficiency and success.


We pursue long-term value creation, rejecting near-sighted actions for short-term gain.


Well-evaluated solutions, executed with expediency and proficiency.


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